Animal and Pet First Aid courses

Animal and Pet First Aid courses

Whether you are a pet owner or pet sitter or pet walker it is very useful to know some basic First Aid skills in case your pet falls ill or injures themselves.

Pet First Aid courses don’t replace the vet, however there are things that you can do before you get an animal to the vet that might help save its life, or help recovery. Did you know, for instance, that it is very rare for a vet to see a choking animal as they tend to not survive for long enough, but you can be taught the right technique to try and clear the blockage beforehand.

Dog holding a bone-shaped soft toy

These courses are not intended to replace veterinary care, but are to manage any problems before you can get your animal to definitive care.

Pet First Aid training can be taken online or can be classroom-based with pet manikins for CPR practise as well as toy pets to practise bandaging, dechoking techniques etc.